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Stock Analysis

Pros and Cons of Preference Shares

Preference shares are identically issued by companies. The aim is to raise capital from the companies. It also combines the characteristics of debt and equity investments. In other words, it is consequently to be hybrid securities. Preference shareholders receive dividend payments...

meaning of buyback

Why Do Companies Buyback in Trading?

Companies may engage in stock buyback, also known as share repurchases, for a variety of reasons. Here are a few common reasons: To increase earnings per share: When a company buys back shares, it reduces the number of outstanding shares,...

definition of floating stock

The Definition of Floating Stock, Pt. 1

Floating stock refers to the number of shares available for trading of a particular stock. In floating stocks, there are low float stocks, it means that these are the stocks which shares are low. The calculation of floating is by...

NVIDIA Reported Surprising Earnings

Nvidia reported third-quarter earnings on the 21st (local time) that far exceeded market expectations. On the same day, Nvidia announced that it recorded sales of $18.12 billion and net profit of $4.02  per share in the third quarter of the...

scams in penny stock

Signs of Scam in Penny Stocks, Pt. 7

Penny stocks do not have much liquidity and more frauds. Therefore, investors would be unable to sell their stocks when they want. As a result, the investor needs to lower their price so that buyers find it attractive. The fraud...

risks pf penny stock

Risks in Penny Stocks Investment, Pt. 5

So, how volatile is penny stock? As it represents developing companies with limited resources and cash, it is suitable for investors with high risks tolerance. This is to say that penny stocks have higher volatility levels. It is important to...

risks of penny stock

Reasons Why Penny Stocks Fail, Pt. 4

If you want to invest in penny stocks, you need to consider these four reasons why penny stocks fail. The first one is there is a lack of information available to the public. Therefore, when you consider choosing penny stocks...

Benefits of penny stock

Benefits for Trading Penny Stocks, Pt. 3

There are at least two benefits of trading penny stocks. Compared to established equities, penny stocks are more volatile. However, it does not mean that penny stock doesn’t have any benefit. Equally, penny stocks have high opportunities for both gains...

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