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The forex market is the market in which participants can buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on currencies. The forex market is made up of banks, commercial companies, central banks, invesment management firms,hedge funds, and retail forex brokers and investors.

Stock Trading 101: Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock

Use Opening Range Fake Breakout Strategy

The most active hour in the market is always in the first hour. That is the time when traders get most of their profit. Usually, traders use opening range fake breakout strategy in trading stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF) or stock...

Online Loan, Is It Dangerous?

Swing Trading, The Most Profitable Technique

Most forex traders use Swing Trading than other trading styles to maximize profits. Usually, they will hold trading positions within a day to a week, even more than that. They will place buy or sell entries at price reversal points....

5 Ways to Analyze Potential Market

What is Technical Analysis in Trading?

Technical Analysis is a method of estimating price movements by looking at historical data in the market. Price data is the type of data that most widely used in the analysis process. However, there are other types of data that...

Day Trading Rules That You Must Know!!! (1)

Day Trading Rules That You Must Know!!! (1)

Day Trading is a trading activity for the short term. People who do Day Trading are called Day Traders. They have the habit of opening and closing their positions in the forex market within one day. Usually, Day Trading lovers...

Forex Trading in Malaysia: How to Do It Legally

Forex Trading in Malaysia: How to Do It Legally

Forex trading in Malaysia is legal, but only when done with registered and approved financial institutions. The ruling is tricky, as some say it only applies to physical currency and not online, since the latter involves the trading of theoretical...

How Does Foreign Exchange Trading Work?

Harmonic Pattern, Make Your Trading More Accurate

Harmonic Pattern is geometric patterns drawn on financial market asset price charts using Fibonacci numbers. This technique attempts to predict price movements and determine the exact reversal points for entry and exits. Forex and CFD (Contract for Difference) usually use...

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