Forex Tips

Forex trading tips that you can use to avoid disasters and maximize your potential in the currency exchange market. Know yourself. Plan your goals. Choose your broker carefully. Pick your account type, and leverage ratio in accordance with your needs and expectations.

Emotions Management System when Trading Forex

5 Daily Traders Common Mistakes

Day traders open and close their trading positions on the same day. According to Dummies, day trading is definitely not for everyone because it’s difficult, and most day traders lose money. Moreover, day traders tend to make some common mistakes....

3 Successful Keys to Use Basic Forex Techniques

Treat Your Trading Like a Business

Trading is different from business in general. However, you should think that your trading is a business. Thus, you have to make a plan and run it like a business in general. Most traders trade as well as gambling; unlike...

Weekly Forex Trading System

Weekly Forex Trading System

Forex traders use different systems to monitor the tricky price changes in the market. For novice traders, they commonly use intraday charts and daily charts as their choice of tools. Intraday and Daily Charts Intraday charts measure currency prices for...

Negative Effects of Having Side Jobs

Toxic Thoughts that can Ruin Your Trading (2)

After knowing the two toxic thoughts in trading that can ruin your investment, let's continue our discussion about the next thoughts. Check out the next four toxic thoughts that can ruin your trading: "By trading, all my financial problems will...

Are You a Helicopter Investor?

Toxic Thoughts that can Ruin Your Trading (1)

What we think will greatly affect the way we act, including in forex trading. Not only negative thoughts will cause failure, but excessive expectations will also be fatal. In this article, we will review six types of toxic thoughts that...

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