Forex Tips

Forex trading tips that you can use to avoid disasters and maximize your potential in the currency exchange market. Know yourself. Plan your goals. Choose your broker carefully. Pick your account type, and leverage ratio in accordance with your needs and expectations.

Biggest Forex Day Trader Mistakes to Avoid

Biggest Forex Day Trader Mistakes to Avoid

Forex is the world’s most accessible market for day traders due to its low entry barriers. All you need is only a computer, a stable internet connection, and a few dollars to start. Yet, that only gives you a chance...

Here’s How You Can Avoid A Margin Call

Here’s How You Can Avoid A Margin Call

In the world of Forex trading, all traders fear the dreaded margin call. What is it? What can traders do to mitigate it? Before we answer these questions, let’s first have a look at its basic concept. What is Margin? Margin...

Can Traders Trust Forex Signals?

Can Traders Trust Forex Signals?

Most traders would admit that the activity that consumes most of their time is staring at their computer screens. This is because one of the crucial parts of their job is to monitor the price changes in the market. These...

LEAPS Strategy Over Stock Investment

Risks of Trading In Forex Market

Foreign Exchange (Forex) market represents $5 trillion tradings of world currency, daily. That makes it the world’s biggest financial market. This opens opportunities for world traders to enter the market and make giant profit. Yet, there are also risks of...

How Does Foreign Exchange Trading Work?

5 Types of Fears in Trading

Traders often feel the fear of trading. Generally, the fear comes from trauma, lack of confidence, lack of understanding, and so forth. All market participants have different types of fears depending on the conditions and instruments they choose. Moreover, people...

3 Successful Keys to Use Basic Forex Techniques

Essential Components of Trading Evaluation

In forex trading, you need an evaluation to see the advantages and disadvantages of the way you use trading. Without a clear and continuous evaluation, the trader will never know their performance. Thus, you need to know the kind of...

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