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3 Types of Technical Indicators of Technical Analysis

3 Types of Technical Indicators of Technical Analysis

In trading, you can predict currency price movements using several analytical techniques. One of them is technical analysis with charts and indicators of price movements. If you use MetaTrader4 or MIFX Mobile software for trading, there are various indicators. However,...

Cryptocurrency Investments, Are They Safe?

Increase Profit with Safe-Haven Currency Trading

In the forex market, there are various choices of the world's best currencies that you can sell. Each of these currencies certainly has different characteristics. One important characteristic for you to consider is the ability of the currency to remain...

Are You a Helicopter Investor?

Don’t Trade When You’re in these Conditions!

When you are learning forex trading, you have certainly learned various financial theories and risk management to maximize profit potential. However, outside of these financial theories, other factors can increase your risk of trading. These factors are emotional factors that...

Market Psychology, Its Effect on Your Trades

Defining Trading Session for New Investors

The trading session means the daytime primary trading hours for the locale. In this world we have many different trading sessions depends on the market and location that we discuss. In other words, it is the trader favorite time to...

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