Monday, January 25, 2021

Market Analysis

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COVID-19 Impact on Unemployment

In the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 virus was spreading all over the world. Many countries went on lockdown for months, affecting businesses operating in the related country. Unemployment was rising. As a result, consumer rates were going down sharply as...

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Employment Changes in The Future

Employment depends on industrial needs. Meanwhile, industrial needs depends on customer demand and customer demand depends on the latest trends. This of course causes a lot of uncertainty in the future of a workforce. One of the predictions is based...

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Institutional Investors Get into Bitcoin

Larry Fink, CEO of BlakRock, the world's largest asset management company, in October 2017 said bitcoin was a "money laundering index", but now his view is changing. Fink now says bitcoin could evolve into a "global market" because it managed...

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Not Gold, This Investment is Now Unrivaled

After two years have passed, the price of bitcoin has finally set an all-time high again this week. Not only did it set records, the price of bitcoin also skyrocketed to beat the increase of other assets, both risky assets...


Airbnb Seeks $35 Billion in IPO at the End of 2020

Due to market sentiment dropping sharply on positive vaccine news. On top of that, given the news of last month's election victory for President-elect Joe Biden, it's a good moment for the company to go public now. The online home...

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OPEC Ponders Over Polar Opposite Oil Demands

OPEC under dilemma over the opposing oil demands from Europe and Asia. The demand will further weigh on OPEC's decision to delay production in the coming year. Accordingly, global oil demand sees a notable increase compared to the beginning of...

window dressing

Get to Know Window Dressing Phenomenon

As well as cosmetics used by women to beautify their faces, window dressing is also famous in investment. Window dressing often used by investment managers and public companies. In order to enhance the appearance of their portfolio or the performance...

asian stock market

Dow Jones Hits New Record, Asian Stock Markets Surge

Asian stock markets opened higher on Tuesday (11/24/2020), following the United States (US) stock exchange, Wall Street. Wall Street closed brightly excited on Tuesday (11/24/2020), after the smooth transition of US President-elect Joe Biden. Nikkei index in Japan opened up...

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