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Politics is exercised on a wide range of social levels, from clans and tribes of traditional societies, through modern local governments, companies and institutions up to sovereign states, to the international level

Japan and South Korea Agree to Focus on North

Japan and South Korea Agree to Focus on North

Japan and South Korea agree to cooperate in dealing with neighboring North Korea. Despite the currently worsening relationship, both countries decide to put aside their dissimilar beliefs to handle a more concerning matter. Earlier, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and South...

US to Fight EU in a New Trade War

US to Fight EU in a New Trade War

Besides numerous trade wars going on in the world, the US is about to embark on another one despite having one against China. This time, US is apparently going to declare a trade war against the European Union (EU). The...

Hong Kong Protesters Target Mainland and Pro-Beijing Businesses

Protesters against the Hong Kong government continued its demonstration over the weekend, showing no signs of dying down. Their sights are now on mainland Chinese business and those with pro-Beijing links.  Last weekend, pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters spray-painted anti-China slogans...

U.S. and China to Return to Negotiating Table

U.S. and Chinese trade talk leaders are now ready for another round of negotiations, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce.  China’s top trade negotiator Liu He, U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer, and Steven Mnuchin held a morning phone call regarding...

Can President Trump Pull US Companies Out of China?

It's U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets again! Last Aug 23, President Trump in his tweets ordered US companies to move out of China and find alternative countries to do business. He also urged them to start manufacturing their products in the...

President Duterte Visited Beijing for the 5th Time

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s fifth visit in Beijing highlights again the country’s— or rather the President’s warm ties with China. The Philippines has seen a gradual shift in its foreign policies since Duterte has taken over the most powerful position...

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