Stock Analysis

Stock analysis is a method for investors and traders to make buying and selling decisions. By studying and evaluating past and current data, investors and traders attempts to gain an edge in the markets by making informed decisions.

Stock Market and Economic Cycle

Dividend Yield To Evaluate Stocks

Different investors investing in different stocks may need different tools. For that, in some situations, tools of fundamental analysis may not work. For value investor who is currently investing in dividend, there are also some specific measurements. One of those...

Option Trading Strategies for New Option Traders

Strategies to Reinvest Dividends

Reinvesting dividends has been perceived as one of the best ways to build up your mutual fund and stock portfolio over time. If you plan to do it, you may want to consider these popular strategies to reinvest dividends. Dividend...

Making Profit by Dividend Growth Investing

Using Dividend Discount Model to Value Stock

The most intimidating thing to do for stock investors is how to properly value stocks. There are methods to value stocks, depending on the type and size of the company. One of the common methods is the dividend discount model...

Basic Guide to Dividend Investing

Finding the Highest Dividend Stocks

Cash dividends are the amount of money given by the company to the shareholders. That money is coming from the profits gained by that company. Meanwhile, dividend investors are those investing in the stocks to get an annual payment from...

Distressed Debt Investing, Ways to Make it Works

Your Stock Goes Bankrupt, Here is What Happen

Whenever a company's stock goes bankrupt and becomes worthless, many investors wonder if they will be responsible for that. The general answer to that question is no, but in different circumstances, the answer can be different. If the investor uses...

Signs Overvalued Stocks

Signs That Stocks are Overvalued

Many investors wonder how to know the signs overvalued stocks since that will affect their buying list. Buying overvalued stock sill only bring them loss. The best way to estimate a company’s value is by looking at its price-to-earnings (P/E)...

Factors Drive Stock Bull Market

Factors Drive Stock Bull Market

Bull market is the term describing the rise of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities prices. The Bull market does not just happen, there are factors drive stock bull market. The bull market happens in a period of time,...

Buy Winning Stock

Buy the Winning Stock for Your Portfolio

Many financial publications and websites, like MarketWatch, always publish the list of stocks that hit their 52-week high price and those that drop to a 52-week low. This information is important for every trader, you have to access that information...

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